6 Fitness Training

6 Fitness Training



This free week is to give you a taste of what 6 Fitness Online Coaching is all about! The free week consists of 5 training sessions and will focus the beginning of each session on an introduction of common movement patterns found within the 6 Fitness training system and offers an opportunity to increase movement competency. Additionally, a Foundational phase seeks to increase both mobility (range of motion) and stability (control of movement), while correcting any movement asymmetries when comparing right and left sides. 


Knowing that you want a good sweat, the end of each session is capped off with a metabolic focus to leave you feeling accomplished and ready for more. This phase includes fitness elements of Pillar and Movement Preparation, Strength/Power, and Regeneration.



A few key benefits: 

  • Exercise videos and cues to walk you through every movement
  • Custom weight prescriptions based on your previous sets
  • Easy tracking in the app so you can see your progress in real time!
  • Daily readiness surveys to check in on how you're feeling and performing

Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench, TRX, Cable Machine



Ready to train? Let's get started!




We are a training team working with athletes of all ages

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