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  • Switched from Google Sheets

    “Bridge helps me quickly turn my knowledge into effective programs for clients. No other platform scales the part of the trainer that knows how to add load, adjust volume, and hit a certain intensity.”

    Ideen Chelengar

    Private Trainer at Vices Fitness

  • Created a Consistent Process

    “Bridge helps us keep in touch with remote athletes and supports a multidisciplinary approach for athletes who see multiple practitioners, as everyone can be engaged in the athlete's program.”

    Darcy Norman

    Performance Coach for Professional Soccer Teams

  • Implemented Load Monitoring

    “With prescribed vs. actual reporting, I can analyze how accurately I am predicting future workloads. Bridge helps me understand how well I know my clients? Am I over-prescribing or under-prescribing?”

    Sandro Rajic

    Private Trainer at KVK Athletics

  • Used Data to Motivate

    “Athletes love that it gives everything we do a professional feel. When they walk into the weight room, they see that things are professionally done. They see consistency because our whole staff uses it.”

    Josh Heidegger

    Director of Sport Performance at University of Southern California

  • Cross-Department Communication

    “Bridge gave us a single system where we could get real-time updates of the loads we're lifting. Even with 250 players across North America, we could chart progress, make adaptations, and be more effective in our prescription at an individual level.”

    Clive Brewer

    High Performance Director for MLB and MLS teams

  • Championship-Ready Athletes

    “Digitizing our training workflow improved our ability to collect data, adapt programs, and communicate across the team. Our goal is to be the best, and Bridge is the system that helps us get there. It is a trusted tool for meeting our performance goals.”

    Justin Lovett

    Director of Strength & Conditioning at the LA Rams

The No-Spreadsheet Solution for Building Better Programs

Programs for professional and everyday athletes require precision design. Leverage the best builder and exercise library in the business. Build out plans from scratch or start with templates to deliver the perfect program in minutes.

“Digitizing our training workflow has improved our ability to collect data, adapt programs, and communicate across the entire department. Our goal is to be the best, and BridgeTracker is the system that helps us get there. It has been a trusted tool in helping us continue to improve by meeting our performance goals.”

Justin Lovett, Director of Strength & Conditioning

Deliver Personalized Workouts Remotely or in the Weight Room

Deliver workouts directly to your athletes’ phone or display them on tablets in the weight room. Make changes, send surveys and communicate with videos, images and messages, all in real-time.

BridgeAthletic powers learning and compliance programs at 500+ athletic organizations through Game Plan

“With Bridge, the possibilities are endless for how far you can take your programming and how many more athletes you can educate.”

Travis Mash, World Champion Weightlifting Coach & Owner of Mash Elite