Build Perfect Programs in Bridge with the Exos Advantage

Combining BridgeAthletic's technology and user-friendly platform with Exos' world class methodology to help trainers, coaches, physical therapists, and athletes achieve greater results.

About BridgeAthletic + Exos

Over two decades ago, Exos blazed a trail in the field of human performance, pioneering a methodology that helps people take control of their health and performance so they can achieve what matters most to them. Exos is trusted by hundreds of clients, Fortune 100 companies, world champions in sports, and leaders in health care, military, and community organizations.

With over 3,000 video movements and 300 customizable templates created by the Exos Performance Team combined with our best-in-class program design platform, you have the flexibility to create programs for everyone from high performers and athletes to weekend warriors and fitness clients.

What you get with the Bridge + Exos Advantage

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World Class Education

Elevate your career and your clients' success with proven coaching strategies, programs, and more

Best Program Design Tools

Eliminate spreadsheets, spend more time with clients, and streamline your programming workflow

Professional Growth

Combine developmental guidance with the software you need to put your expertise into practice

Design a Master Program and Customize it for Individual Athletes

Join Exos Coach Giovanni Urrtia and BridgeAthletic Specialist Matt Parvis to learn how the best of the best are making the most of these tools.

Design a master program and customize it for individual athletes

Loved by Coaches Everywhere

  • Switched from Google Sheets

    “Bridge helps me quickly turn my knowledge into effective programs for clients. No other platform scales the part of the trainer that knows how to add load, adjust volume, and hit a certain intensity.”

    Ideen Chelengar

    Private Trainer at Vices Fitness

  • Knowledge Support & Growth

    “It has helped me transition from athlete to coach. I learned how to perform at my best and how to help other athletes reach their potential.”

    Brandon League

    Former MLB Pitcher

  • Increased Client Interaction

    “The Exos library in Bridge allows me to do away with many other processes. Now I'm able to spend more time working with my clients.”

    Brian Jordan

    Sports Performance Coach