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Powerful building tools allow you to deliver highly individualized workouts to progress athletes and mitigate injury based on real-time data, advanced algorithms, movement tracking, and cross-department communication.

Jim Krumpos

"Before using Bridge, I was spending hours a week formatting cells, entering formulas, printing workouts, and transferring testing data multiple times from clipboard to final profile. Now with Bridge, I can quickly design workouts that I can assign to large groups in minutes."

Jim Krumpos, Director of Olympic Sports

University of Arizona


Leverage the built-in templates to get started quickly. Dive into the Advanced EXOS movement library to create and track your own custom exercises and plans. Use the automated Training Engine to quickly build training cycles with smart weight assignment, your own progression schemes, and advanced prescriptions to prescribe even the most unique workouts.

Josh Heidegger

"I scoured the landscape of all the other potential solutions out there. I talked with a bunch of colleagues and did a lot of demos, but I kept coming back to Bridge being that high-end product. If I was going to push to bring in a new tool under my watch, I knew I wanted to bring in the best. Overall, we want to be the most student-athlete-centered athletic department in the country. As a Sports Performance Department, why would we not offer our kids the highest level of programming? Bridge has helped us move closer to that goal."

Josh Heidegger, Director of Sports Performance

University of Southern California


Track the metrics that are most important to your organization. Leverage customizable forms to evaluate holistic / daily measurements from nutrition and sleep quality to post-workout RPE. Export attendance reports for sports coaches or import physical therapy intakes and evaluations.


Advance your career with technology. Become a master of digital training software with the most comprehensive and advanced tools used by professionals at the highest levels of the industry.


"We knew there was a better way to automate our programming to help the staff save time and spend more time with the athletes and so we started exploring these solutions. We also have a bunch of remote athletes. Bridge helps us keep in touch with them on another level of development rather than just phone calls. It also helps support a multidisciplinary approach for our athletes who see multiple practitioners as everyone can be engaged in the athlete's program. It's professional, looks great and provides the athletes what we need."

Darcy Norman, Performance Coach


Solutions for every level, from youth to pro.

World-Class Program Builder

Fully Customizable Movement Library

EXOS library and training templates

iOS, Android & Tablet Apps

Athlete & Team Tracking & Analysis

Full Implementation Planning and Year-Round Service

Proprietary Smart Program Design

Robust AMS/Database Integration Capabilities



Monthly subscription options to build, track and deliver training

Independent Coach or Business

Starting at $30 per month

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Cutting-edge programming tools, movement library, and training delivery for

High Schools and Colleges

Starting at $3,000 per year

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  • Industry-leading program builder with customizable EXOS library
  • Multi-Athlete training display and edits on the fly to track data in-season and off-season
  • Real-time individual and team reporting for compliance, load, and testing data


Deeper reporting and department management tools for

D1 Departments, Olympic Committees & National Organizations

Starting at $5,000 per year

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  • Tracker Features+
  • Enterprise organizational structure with cross-department reporting and communication
  • Data integrations and analytics for actionable insights and visibility organization-wide
  • Higher tiered support with custom onboarding services


Prioritized and dedicated support for

Professional Sports Teams

Pricing available upon request

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  • Gold Features+
  • Dedicated account management and white-glove support to match organizational goals
  • Advanced onboarding and training services
  • Unlimited analytics reports and custom integration services
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