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Powerful building tools allow you to deliver highly individualized workouts to progress athletes and mitigate injury based on real-time data, advanced algorithms, movement tracking, and cross-department communication.

Jim Krumpos

"Before using Bridge, I was spending hours a week formatting cells, entering formulas, printing workouts, and transferring testing data multiple times from clipboard to final profile. Now with Bridge, I can quickly design workouts that I can assign to large groups in minutes."

Jim Krumpos, Director of Olympic Sports

University of Arizona


Leverage the built-in templates to get started quickly. Dive into the Advanced EXOS movement library to create and track your own custom exercises and plans. Use the automated Training Engine to quickly build training cycles with smart weight assignment, your own progression schemes, and advanced prescriptions to prescribe even the most unique workouts.


"Technology is an important aspect of how our organization operates. In the last year, we have adopted technology to design, deliver and monitor athlete training. BridgeAthletic has become a key technology component of our weight room. As soon as an athlete walks into the weight room, their individualized training plan displays on large monitors. We then track the athlete's progress in real time, which empowers our training to be more adaptive to the individual athlete's performance needs."

Dr. Ramsey Nijem, Director of Sports Performance

Sacramento Kings


Track the metrics that are most important to your organization. Leverage customizable forms to evaluate holistic / daily measurements from nutrition and sleep quality to post-workout RPE. Export attendance reports for sports coaches or import physical therapy intakes and evaluations.


Advance your career with technology. Become a master of digital training software with the most comprehensive and advanced tools used by professionals at the highest levels of the industry.


"We knew there was a better way to automate our programming to help the staff save time and spend more time with the athletes and so we started exploring these solutions. We also have a bunch of remote athletes. Bridge helps us keep in touch with them on another level of development rather than just phone calls. It also helps support a multidisciplinary approach for our athletes who see multiple practitioners as everyone can be engaged in the athlete's program. It's professional, looks great and provides the athletes what we need."

Darcy Norman, Performance Coach


Solutions for every level, from youth to pro.

World-Class Program Builder

Fully Customizable Movement Library

EXOS library and training templates

iOS, Android & Tablet Apps

Athlete & Team Tracking & Analysis

Full Implementation Planning and Year-Round Service

Proprietary Smart Program Design

Robust AMS/Database Integration Capabilities



Cutting-edge programming tools, and advanced template progressions for

Elite High Schools & Small Colleges

Starting at $4,000
Billed annually

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  • Best in Breed Program Builder
  • Full EXOS Movement Library (2000+ Exercises with Media)
  • 3 Sport-Specific Training Templates
  • Team Leaderboards & Scorecards
  • Athlete Health Status Updates


Advanced reporting and department management tools for

Large College Programs

Starting at $5,000
Billed annually

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  • Base Features+
  • Advanced Volume, Intensity, & Load Reporting
  • On-The-Fly Editing
  • Unlimited Program Administrators
  • Native Tablet Multi-Athlete Training Display
  • Custom Support


Elite customized and dedicated support for

Professional Organizations

Starting at $10,000
Billed annually

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  • Gold Features+
  • Data Ownership & Exporting Capabilities
  • Integration with top Athlete Management Systems
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • Custom App-Skinning

Explore and Compare Features

Base Gold Platinum
training design
Basic Program Builder
Advanced Exercise Search
Advanced Exercise Parameters (Heart Rate, Force, etc.)
Weekly Overview & Load Progression Building Views
Propriety % Difficulty Algorithm
Program Edits On-The-Fly During Training Sessions
Advanced Block Progression Builder
automated program builder
Algorithmic Program Design Wizard
Native iOS, Android, & Tablet Apps
Printable Workouts
Daily Performance Survey
Post-Workout RPE Survey
Native Tablet Single Athlete Training Display
Native Tablet Multi-Athlete Training Display
Custom Surveys & Forms
Custom App Skinning
Individual & Team Attendance, Workout Results, and Test Data
Team Leaderboards
Printable Team Scorecards
Complete Exercise Results (Mobile)
Complete Exercise Results (Web)
Performance Survey Results
Volume Reporting (Prescribed)
Intensity Reporting (Prescribed)
Load Reporting (Prescribed)
Advanced Data Export Capabilities
Catapult, Edge10, Kinduct, Kitman, Smartabase API Integrations
Additional API Capabilities
Athlete Calendar
Multiple Training Program Assignment
Coach Event Upload
Direct & Team Messaging
Coach to Coach Messaging
Athlete Media Upload (Images & Video) & Commenting
Athlete Status Tracking
Weekly Athlete Engagement Reports
Weekly Coach Engagement Reports
content library
Full EXOS Movement Library (over 2,000 exercises with videos & cues)
Create & Track Custom Exercises
Built-In Secure Video Upload Library
Full Template Programs (Macro-Cycles)
Template Workouts
Template Blocks
service & support
24 Hour Support Center
24 Hour Automated Platform Guidance
Email Support
Phone Support
Dedicated Technical Account Manager
Advanced Training & Setup Services
Enterprise Controls, Accessibility, Service & Security
professional services
Platform Onboarding Hours Included234
Test Data Upload Consulting Hours012
Exercise Library Upload Consulting Hours023
Roster Upload Consulting Hours112
Form Customization (# of Custom Assessments)025
Scheduling & Event Upload Hours001
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