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Over 2500+ video movements and 300+ template programs built by experts from EXOS, Hyperice, and FMS.

Explore our library to get started quickly, or choose to create your own training from scratch.

Drag and drop flexibility to add, copy, tag, and switch templates easily on the fly.

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Manage your clients on the same platform trusted across all major sports leagues. Assign paperless training to individual clients or groups, delivered directly to their phone or tablet, and stay connected with direct messaging.

Mark Verstegen

"Bridge has built the trusted solution in elite sports. The platform will improve our ability to build truly customized training plans for each athlete/client while maintaining consistency and effectiveness across the organization."

Mark Verstegen, Founder & President


Grow Your Online Business

Attract new clients by selling your programs on customizable branded landing pages that you can promote across your website and social media.

When a client purchases the program, they will be added to your organization in Bridge and automatically assigned the associated training.

Tie everything together seamlessly with the ability to accept payments and track revenue directly within your BridgeAthletic dashboard. It's never been easier to level up client growth.

Dini Wong

"BridgeAthletic has made the process of organizing and sending workouts to my clients increasingly more efficient. It has also made it much easier to provide top notch service to the clients that I don't get to meet with on a weekly basis."

Dini Wong, Personal Trainer & Coach


Leverage the EXOS movement library to quickly build out content from scratch. Start with template blocks, days, or phases to deliver the perfect program in minutes.

Rob Harris

"BridgeAthletic is right on pace with the technology that today's athlete is already used to using. Since we started using Bridge, athlete engagement and excitement has improved with the iPhone/iPad interface between coach and athlete, while reducing environmental demands with the elimination of paper workout sheets."

Rob Harris, Asst. Strength & Conditioning Coach

University of Arizona


Maintain perfect records of attendance, training history, and performance gains. Keep your clients engaged with daily performance logs to track their nutrition, sleep, and recovery.

Brian Jordan

"BridgeAthletic's versatility and ease allow me to do away with many other programs and processes. Now I'm able to spend more time working with my clients and less time organizing information."

Brian Jordan, Former MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach

Sports Performance Coach, Authentic Performance


Achieve your potential with the platform used by professional & Olympic trainers in every sport.

Compare test results & bodyweight over time

Effective workout design with EXOS movement library and templated training phases

FMS assessment and algorithm to assign corrective movements

Clients access your training online or through our native iOS, Android, & tablets apps

Chart every rep and set with exercise history

Customizable building features that increase efficiency when creating training plans

Daily Performance Survey tracks clients' weight, sleep, nutrition, & hydration

Sell training programs and manage client subscriptions and one-time payments

Directly message your clients to stay personal



Digitize your practice


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  • 1 Trainer
  • 25 Clients
  • In-Person & Remote Training:
  • 20 EXOS Templates
  • 1200+ EXOS Movements & Videos
  • 600+ FMS Movements & Videos
  • Mobile, Tablet, Web Apps
  • FMS Reports & Body Comp Form


Grow your practice


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  • 1 Trainer
  • 35 Clients
  • All Standard Features +
  • 300+ EXOS Templates
  • Create Your Own Movements
  • One-Time and Recurring Payments
  • Branded Product Pages & Online Store


Collaborate with your team


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  • Multiple Trainers (Up to 10)
  • 150 Clients
  • All Professional Features +
  • Unlimited Sharing


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