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  • Switched from Google Sheets

    “Bridge helps me quickly turn my knowledge into effective programs for clients. No other platform scales the part of the trainer that knows how to add load, adjust volume, and hit a certain intensity.”

    Ideen Chelengar

    Private Trainer at Vices Fitness

  • Grew Revenue by 40%

    “Using features in Bridge such as custom exercises and cues, I'm able to provide online training programs that are similar to what I use in person with Olympic athletes without the added time and work.”

    Travis Mash

    World Champion Weightlifting
    Coach & Owner of Mash Elite

  • Load Monitoring

    “With prescribed vs. actual reporting, I can analyze how accurately I am predicting future workloads. Bridge helps me understand how well I know my clients? Am I over-prescribing or under-prescribing?”

    Sandro Rajic

    Private Trainer at KVK Athletics

  • The Superior Alternative

    “I looked at a lot of other platforms prior to the pandemic because we wanted to keep progressing and needed to switch to something better. There is no doubt that Bridge is the superior alternative.”

    Craig Rasmussen

    Director of Coaching & Programming at Results Fitness

The No-Spreadsheet Solution to Program Design

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Program Faster

Start with 300+ fully-customizable template programs and phases from experts at Exos, Hyperice, and FMS

Stay Flexible

Drag and drop flexibility to add, copy, tag, and swap templates easily; add your own media or import from YouTube

Customize Everything

Individualize workouts across multiple weeks by viewing week-to-week progression, RPE, and exercise history while building

The Unbeatable Experience That Motivates Your Clients

Perfect for Any Setting

Use your tablet for group and private sessions to screen cast training, build workouts on the fly, or display leaderboards

Improve Communication

Assign workouts with video demonstrations directly to your clients' phone; exchange messages, PDFs and audio notes for easy communication

Personalize Your Training

Use our automated weight assignment or exercise alternatives to mitigate injury and keep programs unique to each client

The All-in-One Solution for Growing Your Business

Trainers who launched a store saw 120% growth within a year.

Bridge is the best way to increase revenue, attract new clients, and grow your following. Build your training plans, sell programs at scale, and manage client payments all in your business dashboard. Your clients will get instant mobile access to your programs for maximum convenience.

Collaborate Align Staff

Motivate Clients with Actionable Performance Data

Collaborate Align Staff

Hold Clients Accountable

Display a comprehensive exercise history and see how actual performance stacks up to what was prescribed

Get Actionable Insight

Create reports and leaderboards for specific exercises, position groups, programs, age ranges, or ability levels

Celebrate the Gains

Clients have access to all exercise history, PRs and sessional volume to stay engaged session to session

Elevate Your Training & Work More Efficiently

Native iOS, Android, and tablet apps for in-person and remote training

Track daily bodyweight, sleep, nutrition, and hydration

Clear analysis of attendance, test results, and workout load over time

FMS assessment and algorithm to assign corrective movements

Exercise history feature that charts every rep and set

Movement library and customizable training templates provided by Exos, FMS, and more

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Digitize your workflow


per month

15 clients
  • 1 Trainer
  • In-Person & Remote Training
  • 20 EXOS Templates
  • 1200+ EXOS Movements & Videos
  • 600+ FMS Movements & Videos
  • Mobile, Tablet, Web Apps
  • FMS Reports & Body Comp Form


Grow your practice


per month

  • 1 Trainer
  • All Standard Features
  • 300+ EXOS Templates
  • Create Your Own Movements (unlimited)
  • One-Time and Recurring Payments
  • Branded e-commerce store and products
  • Bulk Upload Your Own Videos


Collaborate with your team


per month

100 clients
  • Multiple Trainers (Up to 10)
  • All Professional Features
  • Unlimited Sharing
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting


Customized plan for more than 10 trainers and 100 clients


For more than 10 trainers and 100 clients

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“With Bridge, the possibilities are endless for how far you can take your programming and how many more athletes you can educate.”

Travis Mash

World Champion Weightlifting Coach & Owner of Mash Elite
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