8-Week Speed Development Program

8-Week Speed Development Program





WHO IS THIS FOR: This program was developed for beginner and intermediate athletes with little formal training experience. It was also designed for the offseason when on-field activity is minimal to none. The reason is that we want to focus our attention and resources to developing our foundation of strength. To do this, we must manage our fatigue throughout.

WHO IS THIS NOT FOR: Any athletes currently in-season!

WEEKLY SCHEDULE: There are 3 training sessions per week, designed to be done with at least 1 days rest between (Mon - Wed - Friday OR Tue - Thur - Sat)

STICK TO THE PROGRAM:  Adaptations take time, do not expect results immediately. Stay on the path and you will get longer lasting results.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY: As you go through the program listen to what your body is telling you. Are you getting sore or tight? Do you need a day off? Long-term success and development takes time. 

RECOVERY IS KEY: Adaptations occur when we are recovering. Take your recovery routine just as seriously as your training days. Sleep, Hydration, Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing etc. are all important aspects of being a stronger, healthier, and better athlete. For more information on how you can better your recovery routine, visit our website at www.integrativesportsperformance.com.

THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING: Completing this program is a good first step in your journey of becoming a better athlete. However, there is much more that goes into a fully integrated training plan (Strength, Mental Performance Skills, Sport Skill, Nutrition, etc.). For an individualized training program and coaching, visit www.integrativesportsperformance.com.




How it works: 

This program will be delivered through the BridgeAthletic app and you will be added to my organization!  Within Bridge, you'll be able to track all your training to clearly view your progress throughout the program.


Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Purchase this program
  2. Download the BridgeAthletic App from the app store
  3. Accept your email invite (from BridgeAthletic) and create a password
  4. Log in on the Bridge app with your email and password
  5. Begin training instantly





"Following this program increased my speed on the field and helped me earn MVP this year! Thanks, Bridge!" -Emily F


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