Ankles On Pointe: 8 Week Strength Program

Ankles On Pointe: 8 Week Strength Program

Introducing Ankles on Pointe – a revolutionary pre-pointe conditioning regimen designed to empower ballet dancers on their journey to achieving the strength and stability required for pointe work. This comprehensive program is conveniently accessible through a user-friendly mobile app, ensuring dancers can seamlessly integrate targeted workouts into their busy schedules.

Program Highlights:

Tailored Workouts: Each 20-minute session is carefully crafted to address key muscle groups essential for pointe work. The workouts are designed to progressively build strength, flexibility, and endurance, laying the foundation for an injury-resistant transition to pointe shoes.

Expert Guidance: Led by an experienced dance medicine Physical Therapist, each workout includes step-by-step video demonstrations and detailed instructions for each exercise. Dancers can feel confident knowing they are following a program created by professionals with a deep understanding of ballet technique and anatomy.

Habit Tracking: The app features a personalized habit tracker to you can record & track all aspects of your wellness journey. Including things such as level of soreness, sleep and nutrition, this program will ensure you are paying attention to all key aspects of your health.

Flexible Scheduling: Recognizing the demanding schedules of dancers, the program recommends three 20-minute sessions per week. The flexibility allows users to customize their training routine based on individual needs and commitments. 

Continued Support: Connect with your Dance Medicine specialist right through the app! You will have the ability to ask questions and receive encouragement regularly throughout the program any time you need it!

Lifetime access to updates: Once purchased, this program is yours for life. Repeat workouts as often as you would like... and bonus- your app will stay up to date anytime the program is updated!

It's time to embark on your pointe journey with confidence and strength!!



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