Athletic @ Gym | Maximal Equipment | Advanced

Athletic @ Gym | Maximal Equipment | Advanced

Overview: This program is designed to introduce you to resistance training by building a strong foundation and teaching you fundamental movement patterns. It will progress you toward a series of more complex movements, improving your overall athletic ability and strength and preparing you for each subsequent phase of training. The workload will increase over the duration of the program, and each phase of three weeks will have a different emphasis to build well-rounded fitness. Make sure to check out the Phase and Workout Descriptions for more specific information pertaining to your current set of workouts. 


Level: Advanced


Length: 15 weeks


Structure: 5 x 3 week phases


Frequency: 4 days per week


Equipment: Pull up bar + TRX + Resistance bands + Kettlebells + Dumbbells + Barbell + Weight plates 


Duration: Workouts approximately 45-60 minutes each




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