Backcountry Hunting Ruck Training Program (Cardio Only)

Backcountry Hunting Ruck Training Program (Cardio Only)

This program is designed for a backcountry hunter to get ready for packing in/out, hiking and hunting at altitude. Distance, Load, and Endurance challenges to help improve your cardio health.  This program is geared for ruck/pack style conditioning training. Prevent injuries, and be ready for the this up-coming season. This has 3 sessions of conditioning only per week. This program has a 4 phase, 5 week progression for a total of 20 weeks. 


Programs Includes: Conditioning/Cardio with a Ruck/Pack while increasing distance and pack loads each session/workout. Starting a 25 lbs and moving up to 70 lbs and walking from 1/2 mile and progressing up to 5 miles.


*Weights or DB, a pack/ruck, and stairs are required.



We think different and train different than most personal trainers. Our focus is on sustainable fitness solutions and education. The science based training ​gives success to a person of any fitness level/experience. We pride ourselves in being scientis

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