Basketball: Guard Strength Level 1 (16 weeks)

This holistic 16-week Basketball Strength program combines traditional strength training methods, sport specific training, as well as stability and mobility training to help you be more well rounded as an athlete and also transform your athleticism. This Training Program is made for Guards who do not have much experience in the weight room. The initial phase is General towards the Athlete’s needs and building some muscle mass. The second phase focuses on building strength in positions that will translate to on the court. The last phase focuses on power and capitalizing on the previous phases for a bigger transformation. Each day has a focus on improving acceleration, change of direction, and vertical jump. Use this program Off-season or In-Season during your school or AAU competitive seasons.



Our goal is to improve every client’s athletic performance and development through our customized approach. We achieve optimal training performance by analyzing, correcting, developing, and progressing one’s natural movement patterns.

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