Boot Camp | 3 Day

Boot Camp | 3 Day

Overview: This program is designed to focus on metabolic work driven by volume and time to get an incredible workout in, all while maintaining developing a solid foundation for movement efficiency. This program will seek to increase movement competency and functional performance initially which will pay dividends as it progresses into metabolic work as you will now be able to get more out of the high-paced programming. Use this program to increase resilience and decrease risk of pain and injury while improving cardiovascular function through metabolic conditioning.


Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Length: 12 weeks


Structure: 4 x 3 week phases


Frequency: 3 days per week


Equipment: Pull up bar + TRX + Resistance bands + Kettlebells + Dumbbells + Barbell + Weight plates 


Duration: Workouts approximately 45-60 minutes each




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