Brick House Hybrid Training

Brick House Hybrid Training is our premier monthly subscription package, offering the ultimate fitness experience for individuals seeking a comprehensive and results-driven program. This top-tier package combines the convenience of online workouts with the benefits of in-person training, providing you with the best of both worlds.


With this package, you'll have access to 2 structured online strength and conditioning workouts per week. These workouts are carefully designed to challenge your body, improve strength, build lean muscle, and enhance overall conditioning. The online platform allows you to follow the workouts at your own convenience, giving you the flexibility to fit them into your schedule.


In addition to the online workouts, this package grants you 2 in-person strength and conditioning sessions per week. These sessions take place at the Brick House facility, where you'll have the opportunity to train with your coach, Leks Sodade! The in-person sessions provide personalized guidance, form correction, and the chance to interact with fellow fitness enthusiasts, creating a supportive community that can help you stay motivated and accountable.


By combining the structure and convenience of online workouts with the energy and guidance of in-person sessions, Brick House Hybrid Training offers the most comprehensive and effective training experience. This package is perfect for individuals who want to commit to a well-rounded fitness routine, maximize their results, and enjoy the benefits of both online and in-person training.


This subscription is set up as a recurring payment, meaning it will automatically renew. However, you do have the flexibility to cancel at any time before the renewal date to prevent any further charges.



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