ELITE Basketball Performance Training

ELITE Basketball Performance Training

Follow Along with the Nation's Best!


For nearly two decades, I've had the privilege of working with the world's top collegiate basketball athletes, guiding them toward their peak performance.  Today, I'm thrilled to extend that same level of expertise to you through our cutting-edge remote coaching application.


The Power of Elite Training: Our remote coaching app is your key to unlocking the same training techniques, guidance, and coaching that propel elite basketball athletes to greatness. You no longer have to dream of performing at your best; you can make it a reality.


Train Like an ELITE Athlete, Anywhere, Anytime: With my remote coaching, you're not bound by a location or a schedule. You have the power to train like the nation's BEST basketball athletes - from anywhere in the world, at a time that fits your life. This is your journey, and we're here to support you every step of the way.


ELITE Basketball Development

PROVEN 7-Phase Training System to March Madness


"Dominate the court and conquer March Madness with our comprehensive 7-phase training system, designed to guide you from the end of your current season to peak performance next year."


This program, delivered through our cutting-edge BridgeAthletic app, provides you with the same training techniques and guidance used by the nation's top collegiate athletes. Whether you're a high school athlete aiming for a scholarship or a college player looking to take your game to the next level, this program has everything you need to achieve your goals.



Breakdown of our 7 Phases:


Phase 1: Spring Break Recharge (April-May)

  • Focus: Physical and mental recovery after the season
  • Activities: A mixture of active recovery workouts in addition to general physical preparation programs. This phase is help your body return to training after a physically exhausting collegiate basketball season.


Phase 2: Foundational Strength & Conditioning (June)

  • Focus: Building a strong foundation of muscle strength, endurance, and power
  • Activities: You'll find a equal mixture of conventional weight training, basic/extensive introductory plyometrics exercises, and general physical conditioning drills.


Phase 3: Skill Development & Technique Refinement (July-August)

  • Focus: Sharpening your fitness qualities all aimed at improving the individual skill development of summer training e.g. shooting, ball-handling, passing, and footwork.
  • Activities: Activities include an intense focus on in-weight room conditioning circuits in order to improve conditioning leading into the start of fall semester.


Phase 4: Pre-Season Practice Simulation & Decision-Making (September)

  • Focus: Program focus in on the development of foundational strength while beginning to intensify the repeated power demands of basketball.
  • Activities: This Pre-Season intensification of training includes many compound exercises with the addition of higher-intensity plyometrics and high-velocity ballistic exercises.


Phase 5: In-Season Strength, Conditioning, Performance Training (October-November)

  • Focus: Gradual increases in basketball-specific fitness while beginning to balance peak performance for the upcoming conference season
  • Activities: Exercises include lower-volume but high-intensity compound barbell exercises, comprehensive injury-mitigation prehabilitation protocols, interval & speed training, and sport-specific conditioning


Phase 6: In-Season Performance Maintenance & Injury Prevention (December-February)

  • Focus: Program focuses on optimizing for peak performance while managing fatigue and preventing injuries
  • Activities: Program undulates between heavier compound movements and higher-velocity dynamic exercises. Program also includes many comprehensive recovery strategies, injury prevention exercises, and a flexible adjustments to training based on specific game schedule


Phase 7: March Madness Domination (March)

  • Focus: Peak performance and playing your best basketball during the most important time of the season
  • Activities: Game preparation, mental visualization, pre-game routines, and post-game recovery

Throughout this 7-phase journey, you'll benefit from:



Personalized Training Plans: Experience the power of workouts designed exclusively for you. Our personalized training plans are crafted to align with your unique needs and skill level, ensuring every session takes you one step closer to your fitness goals.


Expert Coaching: Immerse yourself in guidance from the nation's top coaches. Our team of seasoned professionals, led by Adam Ringler, brings a wealth of expertise to your fitness journey. Benefit from their knowledge, motivation, and proven strategies tailored to unleash your full potential.


Exercise Videos and Cues: Unlock the secrets of effective workouts with easy-to-follow instructions. Our comprehensive library of exercise videos and cues ensures that you perform each movement with precision, maximizing your results while minimizing the guesswork.


Custom Weight Prescriptions: Witness the power of personalized progress. Your fitness journey is unique, and so are your strength levels. Our custom weight prescriptions evolve with your progress, ensuring that each lift is perfectly aligned with your individual capabilities.


Easy Tracking in the App: Seamlessly monitor your progress and stay motivated with our user-friendly app. Track your achievements, set new goals, and witness your transformation unfold, all at the touch of your fingertips.


Daily Readiness Surveys: Stay in tune with your body and performance. Our daily readiness surveys allow you to check in on how you're feeling, ensuring that every workout is tailored to your current state, optimizing both performance and recovery.


"Don't wait to start your journey to March Madness glory! Sign up for our ELITE Basketball Development program today and start training like a champion."

Elevate Your Game with My Unmatched Remote Coaching Community:


The journey to your basketball goals can be demanding, but you'll never be alone.

We've created a community of like-minded individuals, all striving toward their own aspirations. Support, motivation, and camaraderie are just a tap away.


Join a supportive network of passionate basketball players and dominate the court together.



Direct Access to Coach Adam:

Gain personalized insights and advice from Coach Adam Ringler himself. Your burning basketball performance questions answered by a seasoned expert.

Tailored Training Programs:

Get access to meticulously crafted training programs designed to elevate your basketball performance. It's not just a workout; it's a strategic plan for success.

Ask Anything, Anytime:

Enjoy 24/7 support from a community of like-minded individuals and Coach Adam. Whether it's about workouts, recovery strategies, or conditioning plans, your answers are just a post away.

Connect and Thrive:

Surround yourself with a basketball community that shares your passion. Forge connections, share successes, and draw inspiration from others on the same journey.

Live Q&A Sessions:

Immerse yourself in live sessions with Coach Adam. Ask questions in real-time, benefit from collective knowledge, and stay at the forefront of fitness trends.

Exclusive Content:

Gain access to insider tips, behind-the-scenes basketball content, and exclusive materials that will keep you informed, motivated, and excited about your fitness journey.

Members-Only Benefits:

Enjoy the exclusivity of being part of a select group committed to achieving their basketball goals. This is more than a group; it's a supportive community driving each other toward success.


Ready to dominate the court? Let's get started!


* Powered by Bridge: This program is delivered through BridgeAthletic, a leading provider of athletic training technology. With the Bridge iOS and Android app, you can access your training plans, track your progress, and connect with your coaches from anywhere, anytime.


Why Train Using the Bridge App?

Simply put, It's the SINGLE BEST training experience on the market.


A few key benefits: 

  • Exercise videos and cues to walk you through every movement
  • Custom weight prescriptions based on your previous sets
  • Easy tracking in the app so you can see your progress in real time!
  • Daily readiness surveys to check in on how you're feeling and performing



Ready to train? Let's get started!



Adam Ringler enters his seventh year as a member of Colorado’s athletic department as the assistant director of strength and conditioning for women’s basketball.

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