Fat Loss (4 weeks) Beginner/Intermediate

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This program is designed for anyone with a goal of fat loss. This program will help improve body fat percentage will initially create a stable foundation upon which you can build.


Each 60 minute workout includes:

  1. Range of motion, activation, and movement prep
  2. Strength training
  3. Conditioning (Cardio)
  4. Recovery and regeneration
BlockPurpose# of weeks# of days
RampPrime the body for work33
Core Activation Activate the core muscles33
Strength Strength training to add lean muscle33
ConditioningShort (10-15 min) Cardio33

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A few key benefits: 

  • Exercise videos and cues to walk you through every movement
  • Custom weight prescriptions based on your previous sets
  • Easy tracking in the app so you can see your progress in real time!
  • Daily readiness surveys to check in on how you're feeling and performing

Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells, Bench, TRX, Cable Machine, Plyo box



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