Flatland to Elk Altitude Bow Hunt Strength & Conditioning Program (4 weeks @ 3x/wk)

This program is designed for a elk hunter to get ready for elk bow hunting at altitude. Distance, Load, Shooting, Strength, Power, and Endurance Goals.  Improve your shoulder health and bow hunting strength muscles. Prevent injuries, and be ready for the archery season. Also get in shape with our cardio  and ruck/pack incline programming included.  This is a 3 sessions of strength and conditioning per week.

This program has a 4 week progression. (4 weeks @ 3x/wk)

Programs Includes:

Shoulder Prehab (Injury Prevention)

Shoulder Bow Hunting Strength Exercises

Bow Shooting

Incline Conditioning/Cardio

Ruck/Pack Training


*Barbell, DB, stability ball, pack/ruck, stairs, bands and bow required




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