Long-Distance: Beginner

Long-Distance: Beginner

This program introduces you to the Bridge system, laying the foundation for your Distance-specific training. The program will last 15 weeks, and over this time you will progress through 7 phases. It is a full-body workout designed to increase your range of motion, movement efficiency and general stability. This program lays the foundation for your future training and will help you to increase your efficiency in the pool.


Level: Beginner

Time: 60 Minutes/workout

Duration: 15 Weeks

Recommended Equipment: Resistance Bands, Pull up Bar, and Dumbbells


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After purchasing your program, download the BridgeTracker app from the app store or google play store, login, and start training! Not only will you have access to your program, but you will also be able to log your readiness, view progress reports, PR's, view your exercise history, edit your workouts, and more. 



We're here to revolutionize the way you train to create better outcomes in sports, health, and life. With Bridge, smarter training means better results.

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