Mash International Weightlifting Program (16-Week)

Mash International Weightlifting Program (16-Week)

This is a program that you would see from one of our elite International Athletes complete with videos, explanations, daily readiness, and so much more. You will enjoy the data, explanations, and the cool videos of elite athletes that have trained at Mash Elite. There are also videos, articles, and podcasts embedded to teach you more about sport performance, weightlifting, and exercise science.


 This is just the program, but you will be able to ask questions. 


This is a 16-week program:

  • Block #1 Accumulation designed to strengthen and add muscle in a not so specific way.
  • Block #2 Transmutation designed to strengthen and add muscle in a specific way leading to improvements in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.
  • Realization is the block designed to take the new muscle and prepare it for heavy competition singles.
  • The Comp Phase is a 4-Week Taper designed to equal personal records.




We've coached hundred of top athletes including 30 Team USA Weightlifters, hundreds of D1 Collegiate Athletes, multiple Professional (NFL, NBA, and MMA), and three world record holding powerlifters. Coach Mash is now pursuing his PhD in Human Performance.

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