Personal Training Plan

Published May 12, 2023

Commission a Personal Training Plan specific to your needs and goals.



  • Performance coaching and consulting for lifestyle improvement.
  • Personalized nutrition guidance and accountability coaching.
  • Individualized physical training programs.



  • Access to the Internet and BridgeAthletic app.
  • Ability to complete training as assigned, log progress, and proactively communicate with your performance team through the messaging center.
  • Standard gym equipment and applicable tactical equipment are highly recommended.


Getting Started

  1. Subscribe to this Plan.
  2. Download the BridgeAthletic app from the app store.
  3. Accept your email invite (from BridgeAthletic) and create a password.
  4. Log in on the Bridge app with your email and password.
  5. Begin training instantly.

New to Bridge?

Check out this resource page for training with the app.



The Tactical Human Institute ("THI") is an Online Coaching & Remote Fitness Training company based in Middle Tennessee.

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