Powerlifting- Tank Extreme Conjugate

Powerlifting- Tank Extreme Conjugate

This program takes advantage of several stimuli all focused on increasing max absolute strength. For some of the specialty bars, we've made sure to provide substitutes, so that you should be able to follow this program with just a barbell and plates. 


  • velocity suggestions along with percentages and RPE, so you can choose your loading parameter
  • isometrics
  • accentuated eccentrics
  • bands
  • chains
  • flywheel with substitutes if needed.
  • Added educational items to ensure a great experience.



We've coached hundred of top athletes including 30 Team USA Weightlifters, hundreds of D1 Collegiate Athletes, multiple Professional (NFL, NBA, and MMA), and three world record holding powerlifters. Coach Mash is now pursuing his PhD in Human Performance.

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