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Hip Prehab


Embark on Your Journey to Optimal Hip Health with Our Hip Prehab Program


Introducing our pioneering Hip Prehab Program, a comprehensive pathway designed to empower you to reclaim your hip health. This program targets the intricate network of 27 muscles that span the hip joint, aiming to alleviate and eliminate the nagging aches, pains, or discomfort you've been facing. The hip, our body's robust ball-and-socket joint, acts as a pivotal force transmitter. Ensuring it operates efficiently is crucial for overall well-being and physical performance.


Our program focuses on elevating your hip's mobility, strength, and power, equipping it to effortlessly navigate daily demands. Through targeted exercises that progressively enhance the functional range of motion and optimize strength, Hip Prehab is your guide to mastering hip health and functionality for lasting success. Start your journey towards a more dynamic and resilient you today.


Who This Program Is For:

Ideal for a broad spectrum of individuals, particularly:


  • Athletes: Runners, cyclists, and sports enthusiasts demanding high hip joint engagement.
  • Manual Laborers: Those whose occupations involve heavy lifting or prolonged standing.
  • Fitness Aficionados: Individuals committed to maintaining peak physical condition.
  • The Aging Population: Older adults focused on preserving hip flexibility and strength to counteract age-related decline.
  • Individuals with Hip Injuries: Anyone looking to reinforce and rehabilitate their hips for enhanced durability and injury resistance.

If your lifestyle or occupation places stress on your hip joints, integrating our Hip Prehab routine into your wellness regimen is a strategic move toward achieving and maintaining optimal hip health.


Your Customized Training Plan:

Dive into our structured 12-week program, segmented into 4 progressive phases, with activities spread over 4 days each week. Supported by easy-to-follow video demonstrations, each phase is intricately designed to build upon the last, ensuring comprehensive development in hip health:


  • Phase 1: Foundation - Lay the groundwork with essential movement patterns to preemptively reduce injury risks.
  • Phase 2: Adaptability - Enhance movement complexity and introduce specialized training to bolster strength, balance, and coordination.
  • Phase 3: Motor Control - Sharpen motor skills through advanced challenges, strengthening the core and refining proprioception for injury prevention.
  • Phase 4: Functional Integration - Apply newfound skills to real-world scenarios, mastering sport-specific movements and advanced challenges for a life enriched with mobility and devoid of pain.

Join our Hip Prehab Program and take a decisive step towards a life of enhanced mobility, reduced pain, and a significantly stronger, more agile hip. Your path to a revitalized, pain-free existence begins here.


Our app-based program is designed for consistency and completion. If life interrupts, you have a two-week grace period after app access ends, and you can request a PDF of your workout anytime by emailing us.

Consider our annual membership for year-long access to all programs and the flexibility to add any program upon request at Initial app access includes all rehab, prehab, and mobility programs, with the option to add more as needed. We're here to support your fitness journey effectively and efficiently.



How it works: 

This program will be delivered through the BridgeAthletic app and you will be added to my organization!  Within Bridge, you'll be able to track all your training to clearly view your progress throughout the program.


Here are the steps to follow: 

  1. Purchase this program
  2. Download the BridgeAthletic App from the app store
  3. Accept your email invite (from BridgeAthletic) and create a password
  4. Log in on the Bridge app with your email and password
  5. Begin training instantly






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