RocStar Performance Program

Purpose Driven Coaching with Kylerocs


A purpose-driven coach helps clients explore questions like:


1. **Identifying Values:** Helping clients uncover their core values and beliefs to guide decision-making and goal-setting.

2. **Clarifying Goals:** Assisting clients in defining meaningful and fulfilling goals that align with their values and purpose.

3. **Connecting with Passion:** Encouraging clients to tap into their passions and interests to find inspiration and motivation.

4. **Overcoming Obstacles:** Supporting clients in overcoming challenges and obstacles that may arise on their journey toward their goals.

5. **Fostering Growth:** Providing guidance and support for personal growth and development, both professionally and personally.


This approach to coaching not only focuses on achieving external success but also emphasizes inner fulfillment and alignment with one's authentic self. By helping clients connect with their purpose, purpose-driven coaches empower them to lead more meaningful and satisfying lives.



Coach Kyle has been working with athletes since coming out of university in 2017. He seeks to work with other recreational athletes in assisting in their injury rehabilitation and return to sport performance.

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