Rowing Specific Core: Phase 3

Rowing Specific Core: Phase 3

-The most challenging phase of the rowing specific core series.

-We do not recommend you start here.


Do you have a solid base of core strength but you still feel like your core on the erg and on the water could be stronger? Do you struggle to use your lats and core at the front-end? Do you "dump" your core into the finish? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this program is made for you. In this program we'll challenge your core on the erg in ways it hasn't been challenged before. These drills are designed to improve your resiliency, performance, and technique. 


Program Length: 4 weeks

# Days Per Week: 3 days/week

4 weeks of progressive rowing specific core training. Each week the challenge will increase preparing you for the core demands of the rowing stroke.


Workout Length: 8-12 minutes each


Equipment Needed:

Erg, a thick boat strap or TRX strap, thin exercise band or cable machine, a light dumbbell or kettlebell, and a light medball (ideal weight is no more than 10% of your bodyweight). 


When you purchase this program you'll have access to it for 8 weeks.



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