Sprint: Advanced

This program is designed for top-level aquatic athletes and requires a thorough understanding of all Olympic lifts and strength movements. Lasting 15 weeks, the 6 phases in this program will train your full body, improving strength, power, range of motion, and speed.


Level: Advanced

Time: 60 Minutes/workout

Duration: 15 Weeks

Program Access: *26 weeks

Recommended Equipment: Dumbbells, Cable Machines, Plyo Box, Barbell, Squat Rack, Bench


PhasePurpose# of weeks# of days
General PrepPrime the muscles and learn movement patterns33 Total Body Workouts
Hypertrophy PhaseIncrease strength & muscle mass53 Total Body Workouts
Test Week Test strength gains13 Test Day Workouts
Power PhaseIncrease in intensity 63 Total Body Workouts


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*Please note: The duration of your purchased program is 12 weeks in length. You will have a total of 6 months to complete this program. After which you will be deactivated from the organization. You are always welcome to come back and re-purchase a new program and all exercise history will be saved!



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