Weekend Warrior


Are you someone who loves taking part in your weekend sport or physical activity or just want a program to run along side the stuff you already do? 


This program is designed to allow you to improve movement efficiency, increase mobility (range of motion) and stability (control of movement) to get the most out of your weekend performance. The program progresses from building that solid foundation, to increasing strength and finally improving power. 


This amazing 18 week program is designed to run along side your chosen sport and improve your performance. The careful progressions of the program mean its suitable for all abilities and can be adjusted to your ability accordingly. 


All my programs are delivered on the bridge athletic app with full email support monthly coaching calls from me the entire 18 weeks.


This amazing 18 Week program includes the following phases


18 weeks 2 sessions a week 

  • Phase 1 Foundation
  • Phase 2 General Preparation
  • Phase 3 Hypertrophy
  • Phase 4 Max strength
  • Phase 5 Power

You will need access to a gym or gym equipment to complete this program.




Breese2you provides online and in person training for men in their 40's who want to gain muscle lose body fat and improve mental health.

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