Weekend Warrior | Endurance Sport

Weekend Warrior | Endurance Sport

Overview: This program is designed to improve your performance in endurance sports through this program, which utilizes many of the same components as the performance programs created for top athletes. With an initial focus on movement efficiency, this program will improve your economy of movement for your sport, helping you decrease performance times. Once that movement efficiency is built as a foundation, improve your overall strength and power to help you climb hills with greater ease, move faster, and ultimately get to the finish line in less time. Perfect for weekend warriors who do endurance sports. Release your limits & maximize your opportunity!


Level: Intermediate/Advanced


Length: 12 weeks


Structure: 4 x 3 week phases


Frequency: 3 days per week


Equipment: Pull up bar + TRX + Resistance bands + Kettlebells + Dumbbells + Barbell + Weight plates 


Duration: Workouts approximately 45-60 minutes each


Price: One time payment of £27





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