Youth Athletic Speed & Strength Development

Youth Athletic Speed & Strength Development

This program is designed to stabilize, strengthen and mobilize young athletes in a way that will transfer directly onto the field. The goal is to strengthen the athlete through a full range of motion and in all planes of motion, while stabilizing and strengthening each individual joint with thicker and more elastic tendons. 


This eight weeks should make an athlete jump higher and run faster, and more importantly prepare him or her for future more advanced programs. The Bridge Tracker App is filled with videos, explanations, cues, and even gives alternative movements (in case missing equipment, etc). 


This is just the program, but you will be able to ask questions to coaches in case you can't understand something. The App is filled with data analysis, daily readiness questionnaires, and much more to get feedback for the creation of future programs. 





We've coached hundred of top athletes including 30 Team USA Weightlifters, hundreds of D1 Collegiate Athletes, multiple Professional (NFL, NBA, and MMA), and three world record holding powerlifters. Coach Mash is now pursuing his PhD in Human Performance.

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