Science of Cardio

We think different and train different than most personal trainers.


Our focus is on sustainable fitness solutions and education.  The science based training ​gives success to a person of any fitness level/experience.

We pride ourselves in being scientist and life long learners on the human muscle and nervous systems.

If you want the best your are in the right place...


At Home Abs,Core,Trunk Program (4x/week - 4 Weeks) Band & Stability Ball Required
At home core, trunk, abs workouts 4 x per week, progressing for 4 weeks.    Band(s) and stability ball required.   4 different workouts that progress over 4 weeks.  


At Home 8 Week Isometric Strength Program (Dumbells & Yoga Block Required)
Improve your shoulder, arm, core, trunk, and leg strength. Prevent injuries, and lower your blood pressure. Can be done anywhere with minimal equipment.  Isometrics are safer on the joints and create less joint stress than traditional strength exercises.  Isometrics are a more sustainable form of exercise. This program has a 8 week progression.  The time under tension increases each week to get you stronger. Programs Includes: Total body workout Videos and instructions Exercise progression   *DB & Yoga Block Required  


Simple Treadmill Walking Program (8 Weeks - 3x/week)
Simple Walking Treadmill Program is 20-45 min. per workout (8weeks, 3x/week) This program has two 4 week progression Phases. Programs Includes: 1x/week steady state 1x/week intervals (fast/slow) 1x/week incline   Phase 1 - base foundation of 10-25min. Phase 2 - volume progression 30-45min.


Healthy Bow Hunter Shoulder Program (4 weeks 3x/week)
Improve your shoulder health and bow hunting strength muscles. Prevent injuries, and be ready for the archery season.  This program has a 4 week progression. 4 Weeks @ 3 days/week Programs Includes: Shoulder Prehab (Injury Prevention) Shoulder Strength Exercises specific to archery Bow Shooting   *Stability Ball, Dumbbells, Miniband, Resistance Band, Barbell, Bench Required 


Flatland to Elk Altitude Bow Hunt Strength & Conditioning Program (4 weeks @ 3x/wk)
This program is designed for a elk hunter to get ready for elk bow hunting at altitude. Distance, Load, Shooting, Strength, Power, and Endurance Goals.  Improve your shoulder health and bow hunting strength muscles. Prevent injuries, and be ready for the archery season. Also get in shape with our cardio  and ruck/pack incline programming included.  This is a 3 sessions of strength and conditioning per week. This program has a 4 week progression. (4 weeks @ 3x/wk) Programs Includes: Shoulder Prehab (Injury Prevention) Shoulder Bow Hunting Strength Exercises Bow Shooting Incline Conditioning/Cardio Ruck/Pack Training   *Barbell, DB, stability ball, pack/ruck, stairs, bands and bow required    


Anti Aging - Longevity Program (20 weeks 3x/week - 4 phases)
Designed for living longer, functional, and focused on reverse engineering your marginal decade. This program emphases grip strength, leg strength, improving balance/stability, enhancing aerobic and anaerobic capacities for optimal aging health.    3x/wk - 4 Phases @ 5 weeks = 20 Weeks


Cycling Program (6 weeks - 3x/week) Stationary Bike, Cycle trainer, Spin Bike REQUIRED)
CYCLE TRAINER, STATIONARY BIKE, SPIN BIKE REQUIRED  6 weeks @ 3x/week   1 session/week = Recovery  1 session/week = Steady State, Ramping, Tapering, Pyramid  1 session/week = Fartlek/Interval, HIIT